The Moses Expedition

¾ The Moses Expedition ✓ Juan Gomez-Jurado A.V. Lebrón - The Moses Expedition, The Moses Expedition A lost treasure a Nazi war criminal and an expedition to find a legend After fifty years in hiding the Nazi war criminal known as the Butcher of Spiegelgrund has finally been tracked down by Father

  • Title: The Moses Expedition
  • Author: Juan Gomez-Jurado A.V. Lebrón
  • ISBN: 9781416590644
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • ¾ The Moses Expedition ✓ Juan Gomez-Jurado A.V. Lebrón - The Moses Expedition, The Moses Expedition A lost treasure a Nazi war criminal and an expedition to find a legend After fifty years in hiding the Nazi war criminal known as the Butcher of Spiegelgrund has finally been tracked down by Father

    • ¾ The Moses Expedition ✓ Juan Gomez-Jurado A.V. Lebrón
      261 Juan Gomez-Jurado A.V. Lebrón
    The Moses Expedition

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    1. Juan G mez Jurado December 1977 Madrid, Spain is an award winning journalist and bestselling author He is one of the three most successful contemporary Spanish authors along with New York Times bestselling authors Javier Sierra and Carlos Ruiz Zaf n In 2016, Juan celebrated the mark of 6 million readers worldwide.Juan is the author of six international bestselling novels GOD S SPY, THE MOSES EXPEDITION, THE TRAITOR S EMBLEM, THE LEGEND OF THE THIEF and SCAR They have been translated into than 40 languages He is also the author of the young adult science fiction series, ALEX COLT SPACE CADET.Juan is an avid reader and traveller He lives in Spain with Sam, his bad behaviored dog.

    2. You want action You ll find it in Juan Gomez Jurado s The Moses Expedition Atria 24.99 The story, told in short chapters two to five pages , takes readers from Nazi Germany in 1943 to a modern day high rise, high tech company in New York, to the catacombs of Rome and into a hidden canyon in the sweltering desert of Jordan.Millionaire Raymond Kayn, an aging, ailing industrialist, is financing and leading an expedition to find one of the greatest religious treasures in history the Ark of the Coven [...]

    3. Gomez Jurado has done an amazing amount of serious research for this book giving the reader quite a history lesson to go along with the constant adventure and suspense truly from start to finsih He ll take you back in time through the retelling of the story of how the Ark came to be buried in the desert, through the Nazi hunt for Jews and one very dispicable Nazi doctor, The Butcher of Spiegelgrund to post 9 11 into the chilling minds of terrorists The short chapters take you back and forth to t [...]

    4. So just finishing up The Moses Expedition by Juan Gomez Jurado, all I could think of was, Wow, that went fast This is a quick read, one best left for a rainy afternoon From beginning to end, you are kept at the edge of your seat expecting fast turns and a speedy ending.The story is about a secret expedition to find the Ark of the Covenant There are many parties involved, for different reasons The Indiana Jones series comes to mind while reading this Aside from the tough translation From what I h [...]

    5. New to the work of Juan Gomez Jurado, I wasn t certain what to expect I couldn t have anticipated the fast paced, nonstop action or gut wrenching thrill that he masterfully packaged into just a few hundred pages With its high octane start, the swell of anxiety caused me to ignore my surroundings as I happily sank my teeth into the search with The Moses Expedition.Father Anthony Fowler is on the hunt pursuing a one of a kind, priceless object from the past and he is very good at his job The gold [...]

    6. I was talking to a volunteer at the library the other day, and when he found out that I d been to Jerusalem, he recommended this book to me I took it home that night and started reading it At first, I was so so about the book and questioned the reviews that said things like, Can t put it down etc, because I could have easily put it down at that point However, I didn t have much I needed to do that night, so I kept reading, and the farther I got into the book, the wrapped up in it I got, until i [...]

    7. Enjoyable end of summer read First book I ve won through book giveaway, it spurred me on to enter again I had read God s Spy with bookclub, which was a hands down hit, so I went into this book with great expectations They were almost, but not quite, met Plot was engaging and kept me guessing, and I always like the return of a leading character so was glad to see Father Fowler I didn t much care for Andrea Otero as the lead character too many times, her behavior left me wondering, What were you t [...]

    8. This book was a true page turner I just couldn t put it down The story follows the expedition to discover the Ark of the Covenant The characters were so real, I felt like I could actually see them Andrea Otero, the smart mouth reporter who just wouldn t give up Father Anthony Fowler, the priest with ties to the Holy Alliance and the CIA Raymond Kayn, the reclusive billionaire that bankrolls the trip and Dr Harel, who is so much than meets the eye, just to name a few This one kept me guessing al [...]

    9. WOW This was my first book by this author and I was lucky enough to receive it through the giveaway program I was hooked on the very first page and it kept me guessing until the very end If you like historical thrillers I can t recommend this book enough but I have one warningonce you start reading you will not be able to put it down Right now I am on my way to search for other books by this author and you can bet any new books will be on my pre order list Thank you so much for allowing me the o [...]

    10. A dynamic adventure with a staggering number of twists and turns An enjoyable read if you liked the DaVinci Code, you will enjoy this novel, too.

    11. Ugh How does stuff like this get published these days And why do I finish them I picked this up because it was featured in the First Readers program I didn t win and the premise sounded interesting Indiana Jones meets the DaVinci Code in a search for the lost Ark of the Covenant.While the premise held promise, the execution failed utterly Our protagonist is a Spanish reporter whose career is on the skids and who is brought in to cover the ultra secret search for the Ark Sound unrealistic It is W [...]

    12. I won a copy of this book from a giveaway And not just the usual preview but the real version The book itself is beautiful Of the beauty that you cannot get with a digital copy as it simply isn t possible to get the touch, feel, the same cover or maps in digital form.A harmless looking old man is traced down by a priest, and his past of being a notorious doctor monster in an Austrian hospital during the WWII is uncovered The men strike a deal, exchanging an odd candle to the discriminating proof [...]

    13. This book grabs you from page one and doesn t let go The author s fast paced, engaging style reminded me of Dan Brown s works The subject matter of terrorists manipulating the political climate of the Middle East is chillingly relevant, and the specific concept of a search for the Ark of the Covenant and the religious significance such a find would have makes this novel come alive Gomez Jurado did his research, going to the Jordanian desert personally, and describes the challenges of undertaking [...]

    14. I thought the book was well researched, authentic, exciting, and not as far fetched as some thrillers can be The quick pace and plot twists and turns kept the pages turning The character of Father Anthony Fowler was intriguing and I am interested to read about him in Gomez Jurado s previous book God s Spy.Anyone who is even remotely aware of current world events would understand the implications of such a discovery as the Ark of the Covenant and how this quest motivated the various members in t [...]

    15. Vrlo lo e napisana knjiga, karakterizacija likova doslovno ne postoji, neke situacij su besmislene a najgore od svega to je sam zaplet tako traljav i dosadan Jedva sam zavr ila itanje.

    16. I received this book in a First Reads giveaway, which was definitely cool o The Moses Expedition by Juan G mez Jurado combines archaeology and conspiracy theory with the Holocaust Overall, it s a fun yarn with decent pacing though it s a wee bit slow for my liking at the beginning , multiple POVs, and a somewhat complex plot I have never read the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, but I should imagine that if you liked that book, you would like this one, too.Unfortunately, I had a number of issues with [...]

    17. This book starts in Vienna in 1943, two parents are attempting to find out if their eldest son is still alive after he was taken to a hospital by the Nazis To try and get information from the doctor they offer him a gold filigree covered candle, the doctor claims that the boy is already dead and then when the parents leave the hospital he informs the SS The parents leave behind another young son.The story then shifts to the present day, the doctor has been hunted down as a suspected war criminal [...]

    18. The Moses Expedition by Juan Gomez Jurado is the follow up to God s Spy featuring Father Anthony Fowler who works for both the CIA and the Vatican s secret service Reclusive billionaire Raymond Kayn has put together an expedition to find the legendary Ark of the Covenant Each person selected is traveling for their own reasons Spanish reporter Andrea Otero needs to prove herself after the loss of her job at a high profile newspaper and painful break up from lover Eva, Fowler to serve the interest [...]

    19. If you like Steve Berry, James Rollins, and Matthew Reilly, you will not be disappointed in The Moses Expedition.Father Anthony Fowler, a Catholic Priest, is an agent for the CIA and Holy Alliance He is being asked to joun a very secret expedition to the Al Mudawwara Desert in Jordan The expedition is financed and headed by Raymond Kayn, a multimillion dollar Jewish industrialist The expedition includes both achaeologists and security forces Kayn Industries has received permission to explore the [...]

    20. I read God s Spy last year and I found it to be so exciting so I just finished reading The Moses Expedition and, oh boy, was that a good book it took me a couple of days to read it I really had a hard time putting it down So 5 thumbs up for The Moses Expedition

    21. I liked it so much I searched for a copy of his first book, God s Spy Both excellent I like when history gets mixed in with a good thriller, especially if it s well researched but doesn t sound like a research paper Gomez Jurado did it right.

    22. Hab is visto En busca del arca perdida Pues este libro es un homenaje a dicha pel cula.Es una novela de esas que se denominan superventas , que son para evadirse y disfrutar de la aventura.En mi caso, sobre la mitad de la novela se me hizo pesada, no daba avanzado, aunque quiz s fuesen mis circunstancias y no el libro.

    23. The Moses Expedition is part The Da Vinci Code and part Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom An eccentric to say the least billionaire business man draws from his childhood as a Jewish refugee in World War II to set out in search of perhaps the most sought after religious artifact ever The Ark of the Covenant Using closely guarded secrets that have been passed down for generations in his family, he assembles a team of scientists, religious experts, and mercenaries for an expedition in the Middle [...]

    24. Fr Anthony Fowler and journalist Andrea Otero return in this sequel to GOD S SPY After a slow and uneven start, things settle in nicely at around the 75 page mark, or when a pivotal expedition really gets underway What follows is an enjoyable but not terribly original religious thriller with nothing short of the Ark of the Covenant as its objective Where the protagonists are concerned, I continued to enjoy Fowler immensely even though there s not much further character development for him in thi [...]

    25. Sometimes how you are feeling and what situation you find yourself in, shapes your reaction to what you randomly select to read This is in part why Contract with God by Juan Gomez Jurado struck such a chord with me when I came across it quite by chance recently However the novel has much going for it than mere lucky timing Gomez Jurado s writing is punchy, fast paced and engaging He is able to draw together several storylines simultaneously and keep the narrative moving quickly I look forward t [...]

    26. Juan Gomez Jurado has provided us a suspenseful story that will make your mind whirl and your hand restless to turn the page He genuinely had me enthralled from front to back The story was a bit unbelievable but the characters were sufficiently appealing to make the book merit reading Father Anthony Fowler is on the hunt chasing a one of a kind, invaluable item from the past and he is extremely good at his job The Moses Expedition is an enjoyable and easy read The reader will take pleasure in th [...]

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