The Conformist

✓ The Conformist ☆ Alberto Moravia Tami Calliope - The Conformist, The Conformist Secrecy and Silence are second nature to Marcello Clerici the hero of The Conformist a book which made Alberto Moravia one of the world s most read postwar writers Clerici is a man with everything u

  • Title: The Conformist
  • Author: Alberto Moravia Tami Calliope
  • ISBN: 9781883642655
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Paperback
  • ✓ The Conformist ☆ Alberto Moravia Tami Calliope - The Conformist, The Conformist Secrecy and Silence are second nature to Marcello Clerici the hero of The Conformist a book which made Alberto Moravia one of the world s most read postwar writers Clerici is a man with everything u

    • ✓ The Conformist ☆ Alberto Moravia Tami Calliope
      122 Alberto Moravia Tami Calliope
    The Conformist

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    1. Alberto Moravia, born Alberto Pincherle, was one of the leading Italian novelists of the twentieth century whose novels explore matters of modern sexuality, social alienation, and existentialism He was also a journalist, playwright, essayist and film critic Moravia was an atheist, his writing was marked by its factual, cold, precise style, often depicting the malaise of the bourgeoisie, underpinned by high social and cultural awareness Moravia believed that writers must, if they were to represent reality, assume a moral position, a clearly conceived political, social, and philosophical attitude, but also that, ultimately, A writer survives in spite of his beliefs.Between 1959 and 1962 Moravia was president of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers.

    2. A Psychological ThrillerSome of my favourite films explore how people have dealt with life under Fascism or Communism Istvan Szabo s Mephisto Germany Ingmar Bergman s The Serpent s Egg Sweden Bernardo Bertolucci s The Conformist Italy Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck s The Lives of Others Germany.Not only do they help understand the relationship of an individual to an authoritarian regime, but they also explore existentialist issues that became pressing in the context of the Second World War an [...]

    3. The obsession with normalcy was perhaps the greatest bane of the 20th century As the world became smaller and vastly diverse people began to mix and , people became overly concerned with this idea of being normal wearing the same clothes, living in similarly furnished homes, even smoking the same brand of cigarettes all of which bring the protagonist of this particular story a feeling of great relief that he is normal that is until we see the devastation that normal brings about.On the one hand [...]

    4. Powerful Cold but with a glassy poetic feeling for the distances between the main character, the narrator, and the rest of the world Tense and gripping and with an eerie stillness which really adds to the effect Very Camus esque, Camusian , very modernist, very severely seen work of art I m not quite sure whether to rank it as better or worse than the movie, because Bertollucci was rather faithful to the plot, but even so they do seem to branch out in distinctly different dimensions The endings [...]

    5. How do you write a review if you are left speechless I have no idea All I know is that I need another dose of Moravia before the withdrawal symptoms suck the life out of me.

    6. A macabre bildungsroman of man who realizes in early childhood that life is con a troubling portrait a l Camus or Dostoeyvsky Spare prose but a rich text filled with doublings and odd encounters all filtered through Marcello s the narrator and titular character disturbed viewpoint An enigmatic and sudden ending leaves many questions The amount of questions and concerns this book still raises illustrates why Moravia doesn t consider this merely an Anti fascism book or label it with any other isms [...]

    7. Moravia, Alberto The Conformist 1952 One of several brilliant novels by MoraviaThe Conformist is a psychologically complex novelistic study of an Italian fascist, although not necessarily a typical fascist, done in an existential style with intense interior monologues and introspection by Alberto Moravia s protagonist, Marcello Clerici No doubt Moravia intended Marcello as the conformist, but ironically it is his wife Giulia who nearly always conforms to what is considered normal behavior and wh [...]

    8. I read this for Kimley s film group, and it s one fantastic can t put down novel Which is typical Alberto Moravia when you come to think of it.In a nutshell I think the book is about the psychological make up of a typical Fascist Italian style of course On one level it s a story about a Govt official who wants to be normal, whatever that means I think he realizes that normal is quite ab normal But of course he s too late in learning that lesson Nevertheless a remarkable book, which will turn my [...]

    9. I so adore this film I when reading the novel can actually hear the voices of the actors or maybe I should stop taking so many psychiatric meds Terrific story about the neurosis behind the morbid conformist fixation that drives the main character into working within the rising Italian fascist system.

    10. The Conformist adapted and directed by Bernardo Bertolucci, based on the novel by Alberto MoraviaA different version of this note and thoughts on other books are available at youtube playlist list and realini A few weeks ago, I have been mesmerized by The Contempt written by the writer of The Conformist, Alberto Moravia.Then I saw Le Mepris, the adaptation for the big screen with the superb Bardot and I have included The Contempt among my favorite works.Alas, I did not have the chance to read th [...]

    11. The Conformist is a novel by Alberto Moravia published in 1951, telling us about the life of a government official during Italy s fascist period and his desire to be normal What surprised me about this book is how much I enjoyed it considering it was written by the same guy who wrote The Time of Indifference and I did not enjoy that As I was reading I became almost convinced that this man couldn t have written both books I must be thinking of a different book or a different author when I think o [...]

    12. This was the first book I read by Moravia He s an excellent writer who spins his tale in a calm leisurely fashion filled with elegant prose In spite of this, the story is taut and highly compelling for most of its length and could have been a classic in its study of the complex motivations that lead its protagonist to turn toward Fascism It s only in the last anticlimactic fifty pages that it falls apart The ending, in particular, is deeply unsatisfying and seems forced.

    13. Questo il terzo libro che ho letto di Moravia dopo La vita gioco e La ciociara e quello che mi piaciuto di pi Gli altri li avevo trovato per caso, ma un mio amico mi aveva detto que Il conformista il migliori di Moravia, quindi ho deciso di comprarlo Sebbene Moravia forse non sia un maestro della sottilezza in quanto alle sue idee il romanzo , secondo me, pieno di spiegazioni superflue , ha una certa arte di scegliere i detagli precisi e le immagini giuste A differenza di La ciociara, libro che [...]

    14. I must admit having seen the movie years ago but recently forgotten much of the details of it, and finding this book, I thought I d give it a crack whilst I was still hazy Of course obviously, like other books that have been adapted to film, this contains so much detail about the characters backgrounds and studies far deeper the root motivation for Marcello Clerici s internal struggles, specifically I found this to be far less political and instead really a study into a man s fear of himself hi [...]

    15. What s not to like about a classic novel set in Rome and Paris with elements of politcal murder and foreign intrique, questions of beauty and love, and buoyant doses of Oedipal anxiety Moravia portrays Italian Fascism in the Mussolini era with clarity than many historical studies as he depicts the confusion over the quest for normalcy and the delusions of conformity Poor Marcello Clerici, our anti hero, with a lunatic for a father and a wastrel for a mother not only has evil thoughts, but is th [...]

    16. For years I ve been a huge fan of Bertolucci s film adaptation of The Conformist, and am now a huge fan of Moravia s book that inspired it.I m not sure I can recall ever reading a piece of literature that I would also qualify as a page turner with no offense meant to either category.An unmistakable sign that a book is good, in my opinion I missed my train stop one evening while reading, so engaged was I in this masterful probing of an ordinary but psychologically tormented man hellbent on achiev [...]

    17. The author and his translator have created a simple but compelling story in the midst of fascism in Italy The main character is a flawed member of the government network that is out to destroy its enemies Parts of the story are farcical and amusing, but overall the story is disturbing because the key themes apply to many aspects of society today The main character s wife maintains a steadfast and unending loyalty to the fascist regime right to the end She is constantly enticed by a nice new home [...]

    18. A 4.5 A novel about normalcy, innocence, redemption, justification, eroticism, and alienation from oneself One is caught up in the world of a protagonist with whom it is hard to sympathize, and yet he is like oneself than any of us would like to think.The novel reads like a parable, but it isn t clear that it is one It s a very internal novel full of detailed but often distorted, always personal descriptions of externals It s a cross between a nineteenth century novel and an existentialist work [...]

    19. What impressed me most about this very European novel is that it combines lengthy passages written in a heavily realistic style with somewhat shorter ones that are dreamlike Somehow Moravia gets away with this I believe this novel is often described as the story of a man, Marcello, whose urge to conform causes him to become a fascist It doesn t seem that way to me Yes, he does become a fascist but as Il Conformists closes, Marcello accepts the verdict of Lino t hat everything is determined by fa [...]

    20. Wonderful plot and characterisation, and every other element Every book by Moravia I read is a delight so far A master presenter of human moments and lifetimes.

    21. Read this book in the original Italian, while studying the language in college I really should read it again in English as i don t remember it very well

    22. Psychologically dark, profound and existential Clerici s pursuit of normalcy is a meaningless avenue to escape his perceived abnormality This is definitely my favorite novel by Moravia

    23. Una novela donde las cosas que parecen no lo son Un funcionario fascista, con un pasado de acoso sexual por parte de un pederasta gay Su mujer, lo mismo, pero con un pederasta hetero y con unos jugueteos l sbicos, o sea, al fin y al cabo, bisexual Una pareja antagonista con varias anormalidades , etc Curiosamente, durante toda la novela se medita acerca de la normalidad de cada persona y los personajes est n llenos de anormalidades Un final tr gico aunque l gico para quien fue parte de un gobier [...]

    24. El conformista 4 5 Un ni o perverso se topa con un hombre pervertido ste es el extenso pr logo, muy bueno e interesante La historia de su adultez no est mal, pero no mantiene el mismo inter s El ep logo es apagado y gris Tal vez esta progresi n decreciente fue la intenci n del autor, pero no por ello deja de ser decepcionante Igual, a pesar de su irregularidad, es un buen libro y vale la pena leerlo.26.10.17

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