Purgatory Road

[PDF] Unlimited ✓ Purgatory Road : by SamuelParker - Purgatory Road, Purgatory Road When a day trip out of Las Vegas with his wife takes a turn for the worse Jack is sure he has the ability to get them home But he has driven into something far beyond reason Rescue comes in the form

  • Title: Purgatory Road
  • Author: SamuelParker
  • ISBN: 9780800727338
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Purgatory Road : by SamuelParker - Purgatory Road, Purgatory Road When a day trip out of Las Vegas with his wife takes a turn for the worse Jack is sure he has the ability to get them home But he has driven into something far beyond reason Rescue comes in the form

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    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ Purgatory Road : by SamuelParker
    Purgatory Road

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    1. Samuel Parker was born in the Michigan boondocks but was raised on a never ending road trip through the U.S Besides writing, he is a process junkie and the ex guitarist for several metal bands you ve never heard of He lives in West Michigan with his wife and twin sons.

    2. I had some trepidation about this because for one, I don t usually read suspense thrillers they make me too anxious about HOW WILL IT END and I end up reading too fast to get there And for two, as an atheist considering this is published by Baker, I was a little worried that God would creep in somehow And I can see that for some readers He will, but one of the strongest points of this novel to me is that God doesn t have to creep in Rather it doesn t have to be God I thought that took real talen [...]

    3. I devoured this spiritual warfare debut novel in 24 hours The reason that I read it so quickly is because the chapters are very short, which enticed me to read just one many, many times and because I just HAD to know what was going to happen to the three main characters husband and wife Jack and Laura from Chicago whose marriage has lost its luster and teenage runaway Molly from Ohio The novel is set in the middle of nowhere outside of Las Vegas The cover is perfect for the story.As I was readi [...]

    4. This is good And a real bargain at 1.59 US for the e book I enjoyed this book, but would someone please tell me what in the world the last section meant Some favorite quotations they admired the amazing views that they could not see at home the valley floor butting up against mountain walls the streaks of reds and tans that told the history of the world The sun was in its full glory and the heat began to abuse the ground Loneliness is the acute sensation of realizing that you are on nobody s mi [...]

    5. 4 5 StarsI received an advanced reading copy of this publication in exchange for an honest review.I know somebody is going to end up giving me hell for this comment, but this book actually gave me subtle American God vibes And if being compared to Neil Gaiman isn t praise, than I m not quite sure what is.Jack Laura are a married couple who have decided to take a trip out to Las Vegas in a hopes to rekindle their relationship One afternoon, they decide to rent a car and drive out into the desert [...]

    6. Found this on Netgalley, nice cover, interesting premise, sure, why not Turned out to be a fairly decent thriller in desperate need of proper editing Not just checking for typos and commas, but actual context editing Someone to point out that the clunky similes stars burning like orphans in the lack field of the night, seriously, all those flammable orphanswhat didn t work and in fact looked incongruous in the otherwise matter of fact writing style, short sentences, simple sentiments, etc Or may [...]

    7. Another good and evil battle Is an exciting mystery with supernatural thrown in Jack and his wife are on vacation in the desert when the car breaks down and they run out of water A hermit comes along and rescues them by taking them to his trailer on a horse No phones and no electricity So their adventure begins In the mean time there is a serial killer on the loose The supernatural beings are at work for the good or evil Keeps one guessing as to what these characters will do with the events enfo [...]

    8. I have heard this book described a couple different ways It was described as The Shack only scarier, and as a new Frank Peretti style book To me it fits either and yet stands completely on its own It doesn t seek to mirror either author, Samuel just brings a book that will not leave you the same.

    9. I thought this book to be a fantastic read The characters and story were extremely interesting A refreshing story to say the least There are some nice life lessons to be learned here as well I now know who my favorite author is Samuel Parker

    10. WOW WOW This is a book that should become a great movie thriller I want to hand this over for a friend to read yet I want to keep my copy in a safe place so I can devour it again I won an ARC from.

    11. This was a refreshing change and I loved it I usually give 4 stars for books I love and 5 is super rare from me I m giving this one 5 stars because the entire time I was never quite sure what was going on Great story Great characters Can t wait for the next book

    12. I love a good suspense or mystery that takes me away for a couple of hours When I first read the synopsis for debut author Samuel Parker s book Purgatory Road, I really couldn t wait to read the book When reading a mystery, I liked the suspense to be high with me wanting to flip the pages because I can t wait to see what happens next I want to yearn for the victims to come out unharmed on the other end But, unfortunately, with Parker s book, I didn t feel this way.While his writing is okay, I di [...]

    13. The most exceptional read for awhile Kept me rivetedte page turner, love the short chapters I was almost sad when I was finished but will definitely be looking for and reading this author s next book and soon This book had everything I enjoy most Suspense, strong emotions multiple emotionsranging from love to hate and back Can t wait for from this author.

    14. A very interesting story between good and evil, and the turns you take in life and where they could lead you First it begins with a young girl who has run away from her home in Ohio because really it was ok, no excitement Just routine and she was looking for an adventure She was not upset with her parents or any one thing she was looking for what she thought would be an adventure After getting all the way to Vegas she accepts a ride from a truck driver who she thinks is going to take her to L.A [...]

    15. Strong debut thriller Very intense, speed of light read, but with some elements of depth A minimalist masterpiece Listened to audiobook, narrator did an exceptional job.

    16. Fans of Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker, rejoice There is a new suspense author on the scene, one who hearkens back to the glory days of when Peretti and Dekker s latest release would be met by salivating suspense readers everywhere Parker has offered up a novel equal parts addictive as eerie, a book where you aren t sure who is good and who is evil at least until the end , and where the confrontation between good and evil takes unexpected turns Now, readers who get squeamish reading about killers [...]

    17. Honestly, this book confused me than it satisfied my need for a solid story Obviously, not everyone feels this way, but that s fine Here s why I m not going to recommend this book There s a multitude of characters, all of which get their time in the spotlight, but some almost felt absolutely unneeded In my opini0n, PJ wasn t introduced or talked about well enough for her death to resonate so badly with Red I didn t really empathize with any of the characters, either Laura was annoying because s [...]

    18. From the first pages I had creeps running down my spine This story is a nerve racking, blood curdling, fearsome piece of art It started like every second horror movie, couple s car broke in the middle of nowhere and they need to survive but eventually they will meet someone who wants to kill them Heard that before, right But this novel is something different There is something else lurking around, where it is very hard to explain what it is, and author kept it for your own imagination till the v [...]

    19. I received this ARC edition of Purgatory Road via a giveaway.I love a good horror book, and I love good evil main characters For years my favorites have been the Old Black woman and the Man in Black from the Stand, now they have finally found competition in Boots, an old desert hermit and Seth, evil incarnate.Jack and his wife are in Vegas on vacation, or likely, a quest to find what they use to have A day trip into the desert in a rented Mustang brings them to the brink of death and a soul sea [...]

    20. Sometimes we go through hell for those we love, either physically or emotionally When Jack and his wife go to Las Vegas to try to rekindle their relationship things don t work out very well They end up broke down on a lonely road in the desert and end up with a hermit that keeps to himself A teenage girl runs away from home and gets stuck in Las Vegas with little to no money She thinks she s found her salvation in a man that offers help in a diner These people will come together on the path of l [...]

    21. I won this book on One hell of a debut thriller.A couple on vacation in Las Vegas rent a car and take a day trip into the desert They become stranded on a highway Near death, they are rescued by a hermit named Boots.Oh, and there s a killer on the loose Soon the story takes a turn into the supernatural.I won t say any than that Sometimes reviews reveal too much and spoil the fun.It s so good that I wanted to keep reading about the characters.Superb job Mr Parker

    22. Just not for me I thought it started out well and I was drawn in but it soon lost its appeal I felt like it was too drawn out and the storyline didn t move forward fast enough to keep me engaged I got that it was supposed to be a supernatural thriller but I just didn t connect with it.I was provided with an ebook to facilitate my review.

    23. This debut novel was FABULOUS Samuel Parkers writing style and his use of expressive,illustrative words portray a picture of the Purgatory Road in your minds eye A GRIPPING, UNPREDICTABLE, PAGE TURNER, THRILLER

    24. This is a snappy,fast read barreling along a tale of the forces of good and evil and the nature of man The sightseeing trip of Jack and Laura gets them into a deathtrap when their car dies in the Mojave desert Jack doesn t even register how inconsiderate and self serving he has become , doesn t reckonise the love changing into loathing He flounders in his bravado and shakey self worth Parker captures man s heart desire to be admired as a hero and master of his destiny even as he is lost from his [...]

    25. Purgatory Road recalls the atmosphere and moral challenges of Cormac McCarthy s oeuvre, a world in which the ordinary and expected never show up when they should, much to the harm and danger of the protagonists Jack and Laura, a 30ish married couple on vacation, and Molly, a teen runaway, arrive in Las Vegas from opposite directions but in the same state estrangement Whether by choice or force they become stranded in the aloneness of the Mojave desert where material and non material agents work [...]

    26. ExcellentPurgatory would be not having Samuel Parker writing his amazing books He s an excellent storyteller, especially when it comes to tales with a supernatural aspect, but like all great writers, his real talent lies in his realistic and believable characters Characters who pull you in and make you believe in them and care about them Add a great story and a sense of mystery and it s a recipe for amazing reading He s good Very good.

    27. The extremely short chapters made this a quick read Just one chapterokay maybe one This story contains the familiar themes good vs evil, survival, finding yourself Not a whole lot of backstory on the characters I want to know what makes people tick What made them this way If you re a person who asks the same of book characters, you might find yourself disappointed here.

    28. This is a well written book that takes the timeless good vs evil theme and stirs it up in a bowl of fantasy, suspense, mystery, and a bit of horror Not overdone nor drivel, Purgatory Road is a wonderful read that entertains and sparks thought beyond itself All in all, everything you could want in a book with the exception of pages.

    29. Interesting story that takes a while to even get your head around And still not sure I have even after finishing it Definitely a story about finding yourself and good vs evil I would recommend itry well written.

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