You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management Best Read || [Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz] - You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management, You on a Diet The Owner s Manual for Waist Management For the first time in our history scientists are uncovering astounding medical evidence about dieting and why so many of us struggle with our weight and the size of our waists Now researchers are unr

  • Title: You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management
  • Author: Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz
  • ISBN: 9780743292542
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Hardcover
  • You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management Best Read || [Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz] - You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management, You on a Diet The Owner s Manual for Waist Management For the first time in our history scientists are uncovering astounding medical evidence about dieting and why so many of us struggle with our weight and the size of our waists Now researchers are unr

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    • You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management Best Read || [Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz]
      128Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz
    You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

    2 thoughts on “You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management

    1. Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the You, on a Diet: The Owner's Manual for Waist Management book, this is one of the most wanted Michael F. Roizen Mehmet C. Oz author readers around the world.

    2. The concepts, at least what I was able to read, in this book make sense But I m just getting tired of it I ve tried two times to read it It s always due back at the library and there are other books that are pressing or interesting to finish before it.I like any books that talk about healthy ways of eating and living But I really don t like books particularly ones on food and diet that give you the suggested shopping list and recipes I can t afford 3 4 of the stuff they recommend And heaven kno [...]

    3. Though the title of this book is YOU on a Diet this book is not really a diet book, as in how to lose weight fast it is of a lifestyle change book The premise of the book is this if you truly understand how your body works, you will be motivated to eat healthy and exercise This lifestyle change will enable you to find your body s optimal weight, and make weight loss permanent as you develop consistent eating and exercise habits.The key what has made the book popular is the way in which he des [...]

    4. I saw a show on Oprah where Drs Oz Roizon helped a chunky, tired middle aged woman lose weight, tone up and eventually look really hot I bought this book hoping it would motivate me to do the same Somehow, I still have the same 20 pounds to lose.The cutesy style with lots of puns and silly drawings gets annoying after awhile, but it has lots of good, solid advice on how to lose weight and live a healthier life Someday, I intend to follow it.

    5. This book was trying so hard to be common person friendly in explaining it s science, that it made it harder to understand There were too many metaphors and wasted dumb jokes that I was forced to read while trying to mine out the real information.

    6. As a doctor myself, I can say that there is some great information in these pages a lot about fat and the detriment that it s causing in our culture Some doctors like to suggest cures to symptoms instead of cures for the problem and it appears that these gentleman may be doing just that The gimmicky and funny waist management technique is interesting and fairly unique from what I ve seen, but it can be seen as just a diversion Maybe people who are obese need a diversion and need to stop thinking [...]

    7. While the humor in the book tried a bit too hard and was at moments off putting the essential message was a good one Eat sensibly, exercise sensibly and don t try fad diets The recipes look good, the exercise in the book is doable, and the science in the book in particular about why diets are destined to fail and make you feel worse is fascinating.I don t know that I am organized to follow the plan to a tee since it lists a 14 day plan to put you on the right track, but I absolutely got some gre [...]

    8. I love Dr Oz the co author of this book For me the book isn t so much about diet Actually it s not about being on any type of diet What the book is about are the fundamentals of what goes on in the anatomy of the body To read about the wonders of the human body is fascinating to me He is very specific in how the body takes in food and breaks down food I like reading about what happens, why it happens, and how it happens that the food you choose effects eveything that can happen to your body.

    9. So if you re one of those people who are trying to lose weight like me, am sure you suffer from information overload but help starvation Well, here s some help.For some time, I kept whimpering I needed to lose weight, but actually didn t know what to do differentI was eating the right kinds of food and knew had to get in some exercise When I was diagnosed with Thyroid, I used that to justify why I was putting on weight But I still wanted to lose it Now we all know that we need to cut out carbs, [...]

    10. This book contains an absolutely refreshing view of not only the way we should eat, but of the way we need to live our lives Most diet plans are so extreme that it is not surprising that people are unable or unwilling to stick with them Diet plans that are not sustainable will not work for anyone long term, whether they are celebrity endorsed, or promise a huge amount of weight loss in little or no time Most people simply need to learn about food, how digestion works, and what happens to the foo [...]

    11. I read this book a few years ago, and did the plan, but did not stick with it afterwards I recently reviewed the book, and I think the main problem was too much time spent preparing meals and snacks, all of which were healthy The book emphasises exercise, and gives some really great tips that I do like, and still do use, but it s hard to make good things into a habit Here s the 99 second version of what the diet entails based on a 14 day jumpstart things change a bit after two weeks, but not muc [...]

    12. You, On a Diet 2006 , Mehmet C Oz, Michael F RoizenThe title of this book doesn t do it justice Initially, I thought it would be a bore, but the content was very relevant and interesting You, On a Diet takes you through the socioeconomic conditions resulting in obesity, the anatomy of digestion, the body s physiological and chemical reactions to foods and a detailed diet with exercise plan If anything this book is an incredible resource for those topics I will admit the repeated exaggerated atte [...]

    13. I cannot finish this book The format is distracting and frustrating Although the information the book offers is good, unless you know very little about how your body works and or exercise, there isn t much of interest to be found within the pages In fact, I ve gone to the book as a resource to try to find answers to things and am always disappointed by the superficial and often shallow information So if you know little to nothing about digestion, diet, and or exercise, then you ll probably find [...]

    14. I am really enjoying this book, despite of how I was feeling in the beginning It is very educational and helps to teach you just how your body works, how food affects it and how to maintain it We should all know how our bodies function and how to properly care for them, yet we probably know about how our cars or computers work, UGH The only part of the book that I have been annoyed with is the constant smart alec remarks and puns But the actual information is worth rolling your eyes through the [...]

    15. It took awhile for me to get into the book at first I m not much into biology, and the first half of the book is about the biology of your digestive system It uses cute diagrams and has many helpful facts and tips though that helped The part that really applied to me was how our emotions and hormones affect our waist management As far as what needs to be done to lose weight, nothing is different than what we know already, eat right and exercise It just explains better, from a scientific viewpoin [...]

    16. I appreciated this fresh approach to dieting rather than just receive a laundry list of instructions or dont s of dieting , the authors spent the first half of the book explaining the biology of hunger, satiety, nutrition, why high fructose corn syrup is evil, etc And i swear even those without the bachelor s degree in bio could really get a good grasp on the material Then it gets into meal guides, excercise suggestions and so on It even gives you a shopping list to start out So, another little [...]

    17. Great content, really annoying writing style If you can tune out the pop culture references really hard to do after a while , this is a great user manual for your digestive system and how your choices manifest themselves physically There s no shaming going on, nor do the authors advocate any unhealthy fad diets or dwell on beauty standards Instead they focus on positive and sustainable ways to get your weight and shape under control for maximum health This is a guide to your body written by doct [...]

    18. Pat and I are currently following the nutrition plan outlined in this book, and we ve lost some weight The book has some corny jokes, but taught me some things about the biology of digestion The food plan is low calorie, high fiber, and otherwise well balanced The recipes are actually quite tasty.Update so I m still following the food plan after seven weeks, and I ve continued to lose weight I find the food plan very easy to stick with satisfying and tasty.

    19. I thought this was sensible and even somewhat entertaining Haven t tried any of the exercises or recipes, though I didn t know that according to many peer reviewed studies it s waist size and not total weight that has the greatest effect on mortality rate I thought that waist management was just a cutesy title.The authors are both doctors, and apparently they got through medical school by using mnemonic devices, because this book has about 50 of them.

    20. You on a Diet wasn t as interesting for me as You Being Beautiful In this book they talk about changing your pallet so you don t need to eat things that are as sweet They also talk about what foods are good for snacking and what foods keep you fuller longer i.e cinnamon, who knew They also give great recipes for foods that will help change your pallet Very interesting and well written.

    21. Really good information, but REALLY poorly written I could hardly get through most of the guys of the info because of all of the jokes and side comments I appreciate a book written for real people but the jokes were just distracting for the most part.

    22. If I could give this book negative stars, I gladly would I didn t care to finish the book I ll find a source about how my body works without feeling like the butt of a snide joke every other page.

    23. This book has solid information, but the writing is lame There are too many cute drawings that do not clarify the information and the use of figurative language is going to make me vomit I guess that would make me lose weight though

    24. reference guide for anyone starting a diet or wanting reminders to stay motivated very informational lay dense second half seems like afterthoughts.

    25. I little scientific but I was able to follow for the most part Lots of good, practical tips Good book to listen to on audio while driving the kids around

    26. This book seemed daunting at first with an astounding amount of scientific bits and pieces that fit into the weight loss puzzle I don t imagine anyone needs to know all of this in order to lose weight, but who knows which specific piece is going to be the one that makes it all fit for you or me Fortunately, lots of diagrams and cartoons make it all accessible I loved learning that leptin, the hormone of satisfaction, increases as a result of a thirty minute walk You might find the suggestion to [...]

    27. I ve been reading this book for about a year, slowly picking away at it When I first started I was fascinated It really breaks down how our bodies process food and why, in an easy to follow way with fun graphics I learned a lot about the science of how our bodies work As someone who has struggled with weight my whole life, I ve read and learned a lot over the years and this book still taught me new things The second half of the book though, was where I lost some interest The food suggestions are [...]

    28. Book contains excellent medical information about how to arrange your eating style to lose or maintain your weight Dr Oz s TV popularity adds to the appeal of reading this book because I m sure many readers feel like they know this author personally because of watching his daily TV program Book gives great advice on meal strategies, waist vs waste foods, hunger emergency foods, supplements, meal journaling, and being prepared with your healthy food choices Weight management suggestions include s [...]

    29. Sadly, I was not impressed with this book I love Dr Oz, but I guess I just didn t feel like this book taught me much of anything NEW that I didn t already know about healthy living and eating Which, I was looking for What it DID teach me about, was all the in s and out s of my body, the way your body processes food, hunger centers, the way certain foods affect your body or brain Some of it was interesting, other parts I just skipped over Honestly, I wasn t looking for a science lesson, but I und [...]

    30. Playaway audio version, 9781436157926, 10.5hrs YOU reka A true manual it contains detailed seemingly boring gist biology and physiology of fat and such though I actually thought it was fascinating , sprinkled humor can get irritating if you listen read through the entire book , illustrations I had to get the bound book too , and index cool If you re motivated enough and ready for the leap of healthy eating then this might be the book for you It was quite informational and motivational My favorit [...]

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