Free Read Eternal - by Craig Russell - Eternal, Eternal

  • Title: Eternal
  • Author: Craig Russell
  • ISBN: 9780099484233
  • Page: 316
  • Format: Paperback
  • Free Read Eternal - by Craig Russell - Eternal, Eternal

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    • Free Read Eternal - by Craig Russell
      316Craig Russell

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    1. Librarian Note There is than one author in the GoodReads database with this name See this thread for information Craig Russell was born in 1956, in Fife, Scotland He served as a police officer and worked in the advertising company as a copywriter and creative director Russell had a long standing interest in the German language and in post war German history and society He has been a freelance writer for twelve years.Also writes under the pseudonym Christopher Galt

    2. Eternal is the third in the series featuring Hamburg detective Jan Fabel In an attempt to learn how it s done, I have read a number of crime novels by different British and American authors set in foreign countries Of these, Craig Russell s are the best.His characters are clearly German and yet have an individual personality with which the English reader can easily sympathize When it comes to the level of detail of police procedures and descriptions of Hamburg, he judges the balance between auth [...]

    3. This was the second of Craig Russell s books I ve read and although the storyline is generally good, I just don t find them an easy read This one was particularly slow and I m not sure if it s because it s Germany based as opposed to the usual British or American based novels we all generally read Either way this one had a fantastic surprise ending that at the very least kept me gripped for the last few pages.Craig Russell also takes care to make his characters 3 dimensional, they all have littl [...]

    4. Yazar cinayet ekli konusunda ok yarat c lk 3kitapta da g rd m bunu.Iki ki iden phelendim ama bi yerden sonra katili tahmin etmek kolayla t Fabel in mesle i b rakma eli kilerini de g r yoruz bu kitapta Gayet g zeldi

    5. Another fine crime mystery in the Jan Fabel series from Craig Russell, with the usual mix of German history, myth and politics With continuing development of Fabel s character and back story, and his team of colleagues, too, the book will appeal to fans of the Hamburg policeman and to new readers There are ongoing plot strands but the story can be read as a standalone Germany provides a rich seam for a writer to mine to concoct a serial killer story involving archaeology, burial customs, reincar [...]

    6. Pokr tne i zawi e s losy Cyklu hamburskiego wydawanego w Polsce Najpierw pojawi si Krwawy orze , a nied ugo po nim Brat Grimm Obie pozycje z pi knymi ok adkami i wietnym przek adem prosto z wydawnictwa Capricorn, kt re jak s dz ju nie istnieje Po kilku latach cyklem zainteresowa o si Wydawnictwo Buchmann i ponownie wypu ci o na rynek te same cz ci serii, tylko z wyj tkowo ohydnymi ok adkami Dodatkowo Brat Grimm zosta przemianowany na Ba niowego morderc sic P niej mia miejsce maria wydawnictwa Bu [...]

    7. Okay, this book It was good, but I think my taste in crime fiction has been ruined by Chris Carter especially when I only read his previous book like, 2 weeks ago So, this probably should rank higher than it actually does for me.First off, I don t think this is the first book of this author series whatever In fact, I am pretty 100% certain it s not This was okay things got explained, there weren t any parts of the plot which I was all wtf is happening, I must have missed something However, there [...]

    8. Despite my great love for the first two books in the Jan Fabel series, this third installment disappointed me a bit While in many ways it felt closer to the first book in the series, Blood Eagle Vitrenko s name crops up frequently, the murders also have a political aspect, the writing style and use of language is stronger , I still felt disconnected from it than the other books This was largely due to the reincarnation driven premise The other novels in the series centered around plots there [...]

    9. Another in this highly engaging crime series set in Hamburg, Germany As with the first in the series, Blood Eagle, there was a strong political aspect to the mystery and also events of the first novel came back to haunt the team in a much obvious way that in Brother Grimm.I was quite surprised that for once I actually spotted whodunit quite early on Also, although I am quite keen on plots involving reincarnation, somehow this aspect didn t quite work for me here I felt he was shying away from a [...]

    10. Wieder ein u erst packender Thriller, der es in sich hat Ausf hrlich beschriebene Leichen, die makaber zugerichtet sind Der Schreibstil ist Russell typisch schwungvoll, mit einer Ladung historischer Kompetenz.Spannung, ein sympathischer Protagonist und eine in Szene gesetzte Stadt machen diese Lekt re sehr lesenswert.Das Leben des Jan Fabel und seiner Gefolgschaft verl uft auch in diesem Teil der Reihe auf Hochtouren weiter und ich bin gespannt, wie sich das alles weiter entwickelt.Wie auch scho [...]

    11. I really liked this a well written hardboiled standard serial murder investigation crime, but with some elements both of science and near fantasy that really makes it stand out.The writing itself is good but not amazing, too many standard tropes of a piercing intelligence gleamed behind the eyes and crap like that, but it flows very well I love the date journal style structure, and also the rare jumps in time What really caught me however was the insights into the similarities between archeologi [...]

    12. This is the secoand Jan Fabel I have read I haven t managed to get hold of the second yet This, however, keeps up the promise of the first The Hamburg locale is well drawn especially for someone who have never visited that city Fabel is and engaging and likeable character despite his tongue twisting rank This story leans very heavily both on the ancient and archeological history of Hamburg and the local area of North Germany and on tragic events of 70 and 40 years ago, all which come togetherin [...]

    13. I enjoyed this third Craig Russell novel as much as the first two of his books in his Jan Fabel series A very likeable main character, equally likeable sub characters, and a great plot that delves into the premise of memory contained within human DNA Russell spins a fast paced story and I breezed through this book in anticipation of the ending.Russell does a great job of bringing the city of Hamburg to lifewhen I read his books I often find myself Googling to see an image of a section of the cit [...]

    14. Vielleicht hat es mir aufgrund des Sprecher sehr gut gefallen oder einfach mal eine gelungene Abwechslung zu den typischen Skandinaviern, aber es war wirklich mal wieder ein spannender Thriller Das Thema fand ich spannend und gut und die Texte auch Leider konnte ich mich nicht immer so auf die politischen Inhalte und Hintergr nde konzentrieren, was aber beim selber Lesen wahrscheinlich nicht so problematisch gewesen w re Teilweise blutig und ekelig aber doch wirklich gelungen.

    15. Hamburg cop Jan Fabel s thired case as always author Craig Russell dreams up a tale beyond crime alone he finds ancient mythology and weaves in into a story that features a serial killer, reincarnation, celtic bog victims and the German terrorist RAF group dive in and you ll learn a ton along the way Good, twisted crime and this time the killer makes it personal fear for Fabel, fear for his team

    16. Don t you hate serial killers who scalp their victims and then dye the scalp hair red Me, too, and no doubt so do Jan Fabel and his team Fortunately for the citizens of Hamburg, the scalping serial killer is finally stopped but at a cost I can t wait to read Carnival Master to find out whether Jan follows through on his latest plan.

    17. not so bad, if you survive over first fifty pages and decide to read with some patience terrorists, esoterism, some history facts, a vaste amount of blood, some adiacent mini plots, a final I ve seen twenty pages before otherwise, a very intelligent author

    18. Excellent again It s a pity though a lot of the German expressions have been dropped They gave the story its special identity and added flavour.

    19. Okuyal uzun zaman oldu ama verdi i zevki hala hat rlar m Ayr ca Maria y bu kitapta tam anlam yla kaybetti imiz i in de h z nl bir k sm vard r benim i in.

    20. I love the Jan Fabel books This series is so exciting and creepy Can t wait to start the next book

    21. Great story, as always, but it seemed like the author rushed this one not as well written as the first two in the series.

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