Granta 135: New Irish Writing

Granta 135: New Irish Writing Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing] - Granta 135: New Irish Writing, Granta New Irish Writing Granta is a snapshot of contemporary Ireland which shows where one of the world s most distinguished and independent literary traditions is today Here international stars rub shoulders with a new

  • Title: Granta 135: New Irish Writing
  • Author: Sigrid Rausing
  • ISBN: 9781905881956
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback
  • Granta 135: New Irish Writing Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing] - Granta 135: New Irish Writing, Granta New Irish Writing Granta is a snapshot of contemporary Ireland which shows where one of the world s most distinguished and independent literary traditions is today Here international stars rub shoulders with a new

    • Granta 135: New Irish Writing Best Download || [Sigrid Rausing]
      365Sigrid Rausing
    Granta 135: New Irish Writing

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    1. Sigrid Rausing is Editor and Publisher of Granta magazine and Publisher of Granta and Portobello Books She is the author of History, Memory and Identity in Post Soviet Estonia The End of a Collective Farm and Everything is Wonderful, which has been translated into four different languages.

    2. This was a top notch collection of short stories, photo essays, an excerpt or two from novels, and a few poems It was 4.5 stars for me as not every story came through for me, but the choices were superb There were several well established writers included such as Colm Toibin, Roddy Doyle and Emma Donoghue For the most part the writers are new and emerging writers including Sara Baume, Lucy Caldwell, Donal Ryan, Belinda McKeon, Colin Barrett and Kevin Barry I am in a book club that reads contempo [...]

    3. I just discovered Granta it s blown my tiny mind What a wonderful idea My particular favourites were Through the Night by Siobh n MannionKevin BarryBelinda McKeonMary O DonoghueAndRoddy Doyle

    4. 3.5 or 4.0I have a backlog of Grantas and I m sick and weary of the New Yorker, so I m attacking the former Plus, catching up may actually be doable I enjoyed this latest issue a lot, with special favorites being the eminent Colm Toibin, Roddy Doyle, and Emma Donoghue, though hers is a novel excerpt so not fully satisfying I d not read her before, but I was impressed with this piece set in 19th century Ireland, post famine so I look forward to reading of her work Also great were stories by Coli [...]

    5. A fabulous collection This was so good I raced through it in two days The good pieces are excellent the Kevin Barry recollection of Cork and the Colm Toibin story stand out for me Even the so so pieces are thought provoking Like any random collection there are one or two misfires but far fewer than in the average Granta issue The photo essays were fantastic The only gap was poetry there were a few pieces but considering the wealth of poetic talent in Ireland, this seemed like an oversight I thor [...]

    6. I won t even try to pick favourites So many great pieces, so many new writers I want to read, so much love for Colm T ib n, as always For the small country that it is, Ireland has one of the best voices in literature Ever 4.5

    7. A fine collection of contemporary Irish voices Belinda McKeon s wonderfully bizarre Party, Party and the magical prose poetry of Sara Baume s Green, Mud, Gold were my personal high points, two stories which offer untraditional, experimental visions of fictional urban and rural Ireland, respectively I had high expectations for Colm Toibin s piece, but was ultimately left disappointed In A Visit to the Zoo, Toibin seems too concerned with hammering a theme into the framework of a story, rather tha [...]

    8. Leave it to the Irish my people to populate one of the Best issues of Granta I ve read in quite a while There s nary a literary slouch between the binding here, every tale is good to great.Of particular recommendation are The Raingod s Green , Kevin Barry exquisite and wry description of Cork Here We Are , Lucy Caldwell an aching tale of longing Green, Mud, Gold , Sara Baume a mashup of prose and poetry, where all is not what it seems All We Shall Know , Donal Ryan in which we learn or reminded [...]

    9. I really enjoyed Granta 135 New Irish Writing, though perhaps it was because I went into it without any preconceived ideas or notions of Irish writing I particularly enjoyed the easy writing style and vivid characters created by Lucy Caldwell in Here We Are and have therefore added some of her other works to my reading list I also enjoyed Mr Salary by Sally Rooney and The Mountain Road by William Wall.Memorable QuotesThe Raingod s Green, Dark as Passion Kevin Barry The city cried out to be ficti [...]

    10. Thought this one was a bit disappointing I found a lot of the stories meh and thought the photo collections hackneyed Ireland in 2016 photo collections of 1 A Council Estate 2 Irish Travellers 3 Loyalist and Republican enclaves in Belfast Kind of like that Alan Partridge Irish spiel or that episode of EastEnders set in Ireland back in the mid 90s Horses running through Council Estates I found the portraits of the authors overblown as well, snapped in unnatural, weighty and superior poses in unli [...]

    11. Some wonderful, poignant pieces in the latest Granta I was lucky enough to go with a friend to a reading in Foyles where we heard extracts from three of the writers Sarah Baume, Lucy Caldwell and Sally Rooney Baume s in particular was so cleverly written, clearly with rhythm in mind, something I only picked up when hearing it being read aloud My favourites from the collection were the stories by the three writers above I also loved the birds of June the way the writer started with and returned t [...]

    12. Yet another sterling edition of Granta dedicated to new Irish writing.Absolutely loved all the photographs, including those of contributing authors So many faces and images imprinted in my mind.Most impressed at the stories of Lucy Caldwell, William Wall, Belinda McKeon, Mary O Donoghue, Roddy Doyle, Colm Toibin, John Connell and Donal Ryan Wish I had time now to quote passages from each piece, but time is flying right now.Surprised and sad at the dearth of poetry.I found myself reading quickly [...]

    13. Good issue Enjoyed the pieces by Kevin Barry, Sally Rooney, Colm Toibin, and Belinda McKeon Really loved the eerie and menace of the landscape in the piece by Sara Baume The excerpts from novels forthcoming by Donal Ryan and Roddy Doyle don t really work as stand alone pieces, but they intrigued and encouraged reading of the larger works This is an issue of Granta worth reading fully.

    14. Loved The Mountain Wall by William Wall and Green, Mud, Gold by Sara Baume Also great ones from Colin Barrett, Kevin Barry, Lucy Caldwell, and Roddy Doyle The photo essays by Stephen Dock, Doug Dubois, and Birte Kaufmann were incredible.

    15. A return to form I prefer Granta when it focuses on fiction, and there was a splendid handful of Irish voices in this issue Shame that, despite Rausing s Editor s Note trying to cover for it, the photography selection seemed only to depict the seedier side of the Emerald Isle.

    16. Ah, but I am a sucker for the Irish writers Memorable gems in here Kevin Barry Colin Barrett And Sally Rooney lovely to meet you.

    17. This was my first experience reading Granta and I enjoyed reading material from various Irish authors Colm Toibin s piece has to be my favourite in this issue though.

    18. Always interesting to read stories written by authors native to other countries, such a different refreshing flavor.

    19. I kept flipping to the back of this issue to see what else the authors had written I expect to make many updates to my to read list.

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