State of Attack

☆ State of Attack ↠ GaryHaynes - State of Attack, State of Attack State of Attack sees the return of Special Agent Tom Dupree in another turbocharged political thriller from Gary Haynes Tom Dupree must embark on his most dangerous mission yet a desperate search to t

  • Title: State of Attack
  • Author: GaryHaynes
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 331
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ☆ State of Attack ↠ GaryHaynes - State of Attack, State of Attack State of Attack sees the return of Special Agent Tom Dupree in another turbocharged political thriller from Gary Haynes Tom Dupree must embark on his most dangerous mission yet a desperate search to t

    • ☆ State of Attack ↠ GaryHaynes
    State of Attack

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    1. Best selling author of STATE OF HONOUR and STATE OF ATTACK both published by HarperCollins Gary s action packed, counter terrorism thrillers are described as Awesome adventures with countless twists and turns Plots that seem as if they are lifted from today s news on the threat of terrorism Gary is a lawyer He is active on social media, comments upon Middle East politics, and keeps fit at his local boxing gym He loves films, the music of Richard Wagner, Thai food and Portugal Gary writes cinematic style, intelligent, fast paced thrillers He is writing a series of novels based on his main character, special agent Tom Dupree His favourite quote is Be patient and tough someday this pain will be useful to you Ovid Gary s author page author garyhayGary s Facebook author page facebook garyhaynesauthor

    2. Gary Haynes is a very talented author He has a way of bringing the story to life and pulling you deeper into the pages I haven t had a chance to read State Of Honor yet, but I plan on reading it soon I could tell this is an excellent mystery thriller series by reading State Of Attack Gary Haynes has been to law school and is now a lawyer that helps him write a enjoyable mystery thriller This book is well written, and the plot is very stable It has a good flow from start to finish I will be read [...]

    3. A mackerel sky is a harbinger of a storm British author Gary Haynes digs further into mystery thriller writing with his second novel in the Tom Dupree novel series, STATE OF ATTACK his Volume 1 STATE OF HONOR met with enthusiastic acclaim Gary studied law at University of Warwick in Coventry, England and completed his postgraduate training at the College of Law His emphasis as a lawyer is on commercial dispute resolution, but even pertinent to his input for the novel is his commentary on Middle [...]

    4. The author set such a high standard with his first Tom Dupree novel, State of Honor, that my biggest concern was, would he be able to live up to the high expectations he himself set with this sequel Keep in mind that a follow up novel is not necessarily the easiest thing to write Yeah, sure, the central character is known to you, and the world building is but an extension of that in the first novel But you have to walk that fine line of same but different If it s too much like the first novel yo [...]

    5. Gary Haynes has the uncanny ability to take the reader right into the story as one of the characters He has his thumb on the pulse of the Middle East situation.State of Attack finds Tom Dupree searching for the terrorist, Ibrahim or The Sword of Allah This mission becomes extremely personal due to Ibrahim attack on Tom father, a U.S General Now deprived of the opportunity to reconcile with his father, Tom gives his all to bring down Ibrhim before he can launch his attack on US soil An attack tha [...]

    6. Loved this A second well written outing for Tom Dupree in whose life it seems there s never a dull moment As a thriller State of Attack has the lot, suspense, betrayal, terror, maniac bad guys and a premise which is so chillingly possible it ll scare you to death As ever Mr Haynes extensive knowledge of middle eastern affairs shows in the detail and therefore the plausibility of the entire tale For me, any one of a series of books should also be able to stand alone and this definitely delivers A [...]

    7. This was a nicely detailed, character driven novel At times I felt like I was reading a Ludlum book, although Tom Dupree seems human than Jason Bourne That s what I really enjoyed about the book, the realism of the characters and dialogue The action moves along crisply and each chapter helps to build momentum I found the ending satisfying and true to the personalities of the characters.

    8. This is a fast moving thriller in which Tom Dupree must stop Ibrahim, The sword of Allah , who wants to be the supreme terrorist The book is technically set in four continents, but it is largely set in the region Turkey, Lebanon and Gaza, and it paints an unattractive picture of the seedier sides of society in these places Haynes follows in the footsteps of Tom Clancy He has done considerable research on his topic, and it shows through The descriptions of Gaza seem very realistic whether Gaza re [...]

    9. This is simply a brilliant, fast moving, well researched political thriller following terrorists and those battling to defeat them The story initially follows two main characters, Tom Dupree and Ibrahim The Sword of Allah initially half a world apart but due to have significant impacts on each other s lives Many of the events described could easily be headlines in current news programmes about events in the Middle East, making the book riveting and the events, however horrendous or traumatic, e [...]

    10. I have never been fortunate enough to read the first novel in the Tom Dupree series, but I definitely want to after reading book 2, in fact it s next on my to read list State of attack takes us to the middle east into a religious conflict in Syria that resonates given the rise of ISIS and the Islamist threat we face The geopolitical, counter terrorism theme and nerve jangling spy thriller action make this feel like Bond for the 21st century, but it is very much its own franchise Hero, Tom Dupree [...]

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