The End Has Come

[PDF] Unlimited ↠ The End Has Come : by John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry - The End Has Come, The End Has Come Famine Death War Pestilence These are the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse of the End of the World In science fiction the end is triggered by less figurative means nuclear holocaust biological

  • Title: The End Has Come
  • Author: John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The End Has Come : by John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry - The End Has Come, The End Has Come Famine Death War Pestilence These are the harbingers of the biblical apocalypse of the End of the World In science fiction the end is triggered by less figurative means nuclear holocaust biological

    • [PDF] Unlimited ↠ The End Has Come : by John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry
      350John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry
    The End Has Come

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    1. John Joseph Adams Hugh Howey Charlie Jane Anders Jake Kerr Nancy Kress Sarah Langan Ken Liu Jonathan Maberry says:

      John Joseph Adams is the series editor of BEST AMERICAN SCIENCE FICTION AND FANTASY He is also the bestselling editor of many other anthologies, such as ROBOT UPRISINGS, DEAD MAN S HAND, BRAVE NEW WORLDS,WASTELANDS, and THE LIVING DEAD Recent and forthcoming books include WHAT THE % IS THAT , OPERATION ARCANA, PRESS START TO PLAY, LOOSED UPON THE WORLD, and THE APOCALYPSE TRIPTYCH consisting of THE END IS NIGH, THE END IS NOW, and THE END HAS COME Called the reigning king of the anthology world by Barnes Noble, John is a two time winner of the Hugo Award for which he has been nominated nine times , is a seven time World Fantasy Award finalist, and served as a judge for the 2015 National Book Award John is also the editor and publisher of the digital magazines LIGHTSPEED and NIGHTMARE, and is a producer for Wired s THE GEEK S GUIDE TO THE GALAXY podcast You can find him online at johnjosephadams and on Twitter JohnJosephAdams.

    2. Review from the blog at clsiewert.wordpress 2015 where it s about 42 times easier to post links, highlights and general text embellishments as well as a link to an REM song.Let s be clear the title The End Has Come implies that the stories center upon the events as the apocalypse is upon us Little did I know when I bought it that per publisher, The End Has Come is about what will arrive from the ashes Nevertheless, once I dealt with grief caused by unmet expectations of disease, destruction and [...]

    3. This is the final installment in the Apocalypse Triptych, where authors presented three short stories following the threads of before, during and after their myriad apocalypses Dealing with the after, this volume nicely wraps up the tales Someday I would like to have all three in front of me and follow each story through the volumes I know I lost a lot of detail reading them over the course of two years Some I was able to immediately pick up Seanan McGuire s tale of all consuming mold, for insta [...]

    4. 4.5 starsGood, solid end to the triptych within a triptych.Most of the stories were good, but the best were In the Woods , The Happiest Place , and Dancing with a Stranger in the Land of Nod.

    5. Anthology I m going to reach each author s work in this triptych Starting with Volume 1, then Volume 2 and lastly Volume 3 I m hoping that each story will give an extension of the beginning story 3.79 stars average1 Bannerless by Carrie Vaughn Fantastic story Dystopian investigator finds out what s happening in a small village Love it 5 stars2 Like All Beautiful Places by Megan Arkenberg I may have read this author before I remember a story of a melting landscape and a sea with no waves I though [...]

    6. Even though I adored the first two in this series so the first , I ended up putting off reading this one, because when I went to look at the reviews on , they were pretty dismissive I hate being disappointed, so I waffled a bit on starting this one I wish I hadn t waited While I will say that some of the authors best entries were in the earlier books, I think this was overall a better entry thanThe End is Now I ll start by mentioning how much Carrie Vaughn s Bannerless threw me for a loop, on t [...]

    7. Finally finished This is the third book in the apocalyptic anthology trilogy this volume has stories based after the apocalypse takes place I loved the first book, liked the second one, but this one was just ok There were quite a few stories that spanned all three books, and for many of them, I felt the last segment did not do them justice Will McIntosh s Nodding Virus was a favorite of mine I just felt the third installment wasn t as good as the two previous There were some new stories that I r [...]

    8. Solid finish to this series I would highly recommend the series to anyone who enjoys apocalyptic fiction.The following give my ratings for each story and a brief note for myself The titles in parentheses are the stories from the first and second books that each one follows.4.0 Bannerless new story The world has reverted to a simpler agrarian society and an itinerant judge is on her last case.1.5 Like All Beautiful Places Houses Without Air, Twilight of the Music Machines I couldn t get into a ch [...]

    9. Overall a satisfying end to a solid collection of stories I ve found some new authors to follow, which is fantastic, and have seen yet evidence of how popular the zombie apocalypse is today in world ending fictions.We are the zombies, folks Our appetites consume the present and the future No virus required.I did want to say how much I especially appreciated the ending of Will McIntosh s Nodding Flu series, Dancing with a Stranger in the Land of Nod The disabled are better off dead trope was, pe [...]

    10. 2.5 stars I listened to all three books in the series and this one suffers in comparison to the other two The first two usually had the same narrators for each of the related stories almost none of the narrators from the first two books contributed to THE END HAS COME This really threw me off when I was trying to figure out which stories were stand alone and which were being continued from the previous books The format changed as well the dramatic, kind of silly but effective, music was gone and [...]

    11. Really, the whole triptych is now one of my favorite series I mean, who does that A triptych within a triptych Brilliant Only a few stories did I dislike I ll come back and edit this later to mention which ones Two things I got this last volume free on Kindle Unlimited, IDK how long they ll be offering it there, so get it while you can.Lastly, there s a Wool Hugh Howey post quel actually there s one in every volume But the final one in THIS volume Literally made me cry Real tears, even Sobs Defi [...]

    12. A very interesting premise right across the series Each part of the three books deals with a different stage of the apocalypse and a lot of the authors have a story spread across the three books Some very strong entries , beware the Hugh Howey entry here as the outcome will be quite a shock to big fans of Wool.

    13. Shocking and intriguingIt s finally over I mean the trilogy The end stories were the interesting reads Unpredictable and scary Read them all.

    14. Good heavens, this is astonishingly great stuff John Joseph Adams is a really good anthologist he has a knack for selecting themes that invite very diverse contributions and for choosing some excellent reprints, for volumes where that s appropriate I ve never been less than satisfied by a volume he s put together And I already read and enjoyed The End is Nigh already, and was intrigued by his explanation of it being the first of a trio of volumes in which authors would be free to carry on their [...]

    15. The third and final installment of The Apocalypse Triptych is finally out I originally reviewed the FIRST and SECOND I used to be averse to short story collections but The End is Nigh edited by John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey changed that last year with the beginning of The Apocalypse Triptych They invited authors to write short stories for each of the books to continue their stories throughout the triptych.The End has Come deals with the final apocalypse in each authors stories Not every story [...]

    16. The last book in the Apocalypse Triptych is all about the rebuilding Or, at least, it s about the slightly less tumultuous time after having survived whatever bad thing has happened, and how people are dealing with it.As with the previous books, it s nice to see the stories wrapped up that are begun in book one and continued in book two As with some of the others, there are intriguing one shot stories that have the right context for inclusion in the book, but stand alone And most of them do a fi [...]

    17. In the introduction, it s claimed that you don t need to read the first two books in order to enjoy this one, and that is probably truebut having read the first two books led to a much higher enjoyment factor for this third volume It has been a while since I read them, so it took me a little ways into each story to remember what came before for each individual story, but once I did it was great to connect the dots, especially for the stories that appeared as part of each tryptych I really enjoye [...]

    18. Some of the early reviews of this anthology I read were pretty negative, so I hesitated to read it However, I am glad I finally did This was a very strong ending of the triptych Many of the stories that were continued in all three books ended in unexpected ways The only disappointment was the way the story by Hugh Howey ended I don t think it was a bad ending, it was just very sad If you have read the first two books of this series I recommend you read this one also If you have not then I sugges [...]

    19. I agree with a couple of others here about it running out of steam It really felt like it was an incomplete ending to the series I really wanted to like it but the stories sometimes fell flat and I do understand these are short stories but many were so far from being the story after the end so the end of the during apocalypse that there was no sense of closure again understood that that should not always be the case , whether good, bad or indifferent.

    20. WOW, what a great full circle This entire series was wonderful and really opened my eyes to books that are like this with different writers in a single collection with the same theme but from different angles The Disneyland story was pretty cool, sad of course but cool none the less This was another one of those books where I wished it kept going, the possibilities are endless but this was a great collection Really enjoyed this book as a closure to the entire series.

    21. While there are some astonishingly wonderful stories in this the third of this series, I would have to say that it is weaker than the other two There were some stories I hope to continue with that I didn t get to While I Think the whole idea was very ambitious, in the end, it wasn t fully realized.

    22. I really enjoyed the first two installments Many of the stories in the final installment didn t feel connected to the first two Overall I am not sorry I invested in all three books I found a couple of new authors I will continue to follow.

    23. I highly recommend all three of the books in The Apocalypse Triptych You can reach each stand alone, but it s great to read them in order as many of the authors have contributed stories to than one of the volumes and then you can follow the characters Overall the stories are really well written with great characters and world building It s interesting how different authors see the Apocalypse occurring The only criticism I have is that it could be diverse regarding the settings and characters T [...]

    24. This triptych was so great really adds up to than the sum of its parts, especially once you get into book 3 I continued to enjoy the stories that carried through the series some of the authors were really clever about how they broke a bigger plot up into short stories Definitely worth reading this series if you like apocalyptic fiction.

    25. Anyone who loves dystopians should read this entire Triptych Hugh Howey makes an appearance and I loved his stories, but I have to say there were a couple others that stuck with me .

    26. Imagine you have seventeen apocalyptic novellas Now slice each into three short stories covering events before, during, and after the apocalypse Then collect the segments into three chronologically related anthologies Lastly, sprinkle in a dozen one off tales to fill out page counts This is what editors John Joseph Adams and Hugh Howey have done with their ambitious anthology trilogy The End is Nigh 2014 , The End is Now 2014 , and The End Has Come 2015 This organizational gimmick has taken some [...]

    27. A cunning ploy like most sets of short stories this is a mixed bag The sting in the tail is that most continue in some form through all three books in the series so you have to read all three if you have trouble not finishing a story, there isn t an executive order or anything It s probably of an investment than the material warrants I d have preferred a single and tightly edited volume It does however include a new strand of the Wool saga as well as a few other standouts so if you have the ti [...]

    28. There are 3 ways to review this As individual stories,how well the linked one work and how does each story fit into the theme of before, during and after.So lets startBANNERLESS Carrie VaughnAn individual story from after, a good tale well written LIKE ALL BEAUTIFUL PLACES Megan ArkenbergThe third part of a trio of stories, with the theme of virtual reality, none of the 3 drew me into the world, so it s just a passing grade from me.DANCING WITH A STRANGER IN THE LAND OF NOD Will McIntoshThe Nodd [...]

    29. Wow That rocked Definitely read the first two in the triptych before reading volume 3 While supposedly written in a manner allowing reading the stories as a standalone, I think they have a lot punch to them if you ve read the first two installments And there are a lot of returning authors here which made for a perfect collection of post apocalyptic stories The one I find myself continuing to think back on is Charlie Jane Anders The Last Movie Ever Made The story has a certain humor to it that I [...]

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