The Bone Orchard

The Bone Orchard Best Read || [Daniel Judson] - The Bone Orchard, The Bone Orchard A TOWN GETTING AWAY WITH MURDERBeneath the glamour of a trendy Hamptons summer town lies another world one of dark lives and desperate secrets And when Labor Day arrives and the beautiful people depar

  • Title: The Bone Orchard
  • Author: Daniel Judson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Bone Orchard Best Read || [Daniel Judson] - The Bone Orchard, The Bone Orchard A TOWN GETTING AWAY WITH MURDERBeneath the glamour of a trendy Hamptons summer town lies another world one of dark lives and desperate secrets And when Labor Day arrives and the beautiful people depar

    • The Bone Orchard Best Read || [Daniel Judson]
      256Daniel Judson
    The Bone Orchard

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    1. DANIEL JUDSON, a Shamus Award winner and a four time finalist, is the author of five previous novels, most recently The Violet Hour He attended Southampton College, and his time in the Hamptons particularly the parts that don t make the society pages was the inspiration for the setting and characters in Voyeur He now lives in Connecticut.

    2. This book, free from , was an entertaining read There were a few errors, but none interrupted my reading or the flow of the book The mechanics were good except for character development I liked Declan, protagonist in chief, and the storyline, but both had the potential to be really extraordinary in a way that would not detract from the simplicity of both That sounds like an oxymoron, but sounding and being are two different things I liked that the author did not jumble up the storyline He kept i [...]

    3. If you enjoy a crime mystery with lots of action, this book will definitely please you The tension is sustained all the way through as the main character, Declan, known locally as Mac, tries to keep himself from being entangled by the efforts of a cast of nasty types It seems that there are than a few with an agenda to bring him down and make him the scapegoat for the beatings and murders they are committing Against his will he is pressed into working for a PI whose methods he dislikes with the [...]

    4. A good follow up to The Poisoned Rose Another page Turner of a thriller with plenty of twists and turns Thoroughly enjoyable although I had to shake my head a few times at the amount of beatings Mac took and was still able to run to the rescue A good story though and I will look forward to reading the third book, The Gin Palace

    5. The detective dishwasher of this trilogy is a tragic figure in many ways The story is engaging and complex I find the reluctance of Mac to use his gift of detecting and solving mysterys to pay the bills to be somewat old after a while Mac is misunderstood and mistreated in many ways.

    6. Okay, but not great Sometimes I felt like I was missing things from not having read the first one Also some sloppy parts I had trouble liking the characters no one to cheer for.

    7. Decentstory line was interesting, but the main character seems fuzzy,alternating between a wimpy dishwasher and college graduate and martial arts black belt

    8. I liked the characters and the dialogue I got frustrated at times I m not sure why Maybe if I d read the first book the pieces would have fallen into place for me better.

    9. Again, this was a cheap Kindle special, and was merely OK It was a follow on from the first in the series, The Poisoned Rose, which I reviewed a little while ago.These books are pretty violent, and the characters portrayed are not ones to whom one might feel sympathetic But the plot sped along apace, and kept my attention.Mostly a Meh.

    10. I lost interest in the story about halfway through The protagonist seemed to have a serious death wish that put me off About the time I d get a little momentum going, I d stumble across a typo that had me scratching my head trying to figure out what the author was saying.

    11. Great read Daniel Judson will take his place among the great story weavers Hi uses adjectives like butter on hot toast, his words melt into Al l the nooks and crannies of the story in just the right way.

    12. The Bone OrchardThere was a twist to the story which was good What I did not like was that the main character was constantly being hurt and then got up and acted as if nothing happened to him.

    13. OkBackground info was sketchy Storyline must be consumed with book one, since this was book two, I was a little lost in the history.

    14. OkThe first half of this book was really slow It would have been much better if I had read book one I was lost a good deal of the time.

    15. Still goodLooking forward to book number three in this series This is well written, very good characters Main character continues his development

    16. I didn t notice this was book 2 of a series It was hard to figure out a lot of details not knowing them from the 1st book Good story but I still have some unanswered questions.

    17. Good bookYou people should just read this book yourselves and write your own review on this novel yourself and I really enjoyed reading this book very much so Shelley MA

    18. This is an amazing detective suspense thriller series I highly recommend this series, and any books by author Daniel Judson.

    19. Hard To Put DownThe action and suspense keeps one reading The protagonist is too self loathing for me, yet I can t stop reading.

    20. Again, this is a man s trilogy It s full of beatings, shootings, chase scenes, and very little sentiment It s a quick read and entertaining, but with little that really grabs me I enjoy being grabbed by something I ve read I am just killing time with this trilogy.I m reading these 3 on my kindle This one is in need of proofreading and editing The author doesn t know the difference between your and you re you are , or the difference between then and than I cringe when I see these mistakes in a pu [...]

    21. Any town that attracts the trendsetters tends to have two societal elements, the haves and the have nots Declan MacManus is definitely a member of the latter group As summer passes into autumn, Southampton becomes something of a ghost town Mac has lived in Southampton most of his life At an early age, his father deserted him and he was adopted by a wealthy man who treated him abominably As an adult, he has led a mostly empty life, leavened by a few precious friendships One is with a cab driver n [...]

    22. Unfortunately I did not read book 1 of this trilogy before it was offered on BookBub and I downloaded So perhaps I was missing a few of the puzzle pieces which would explain why I had a rough time getting through the whole book Declan Mac MacManus is not having fun in fact his life sucks Big time Whether or not he likes it that way, it is the way he is choosing to live, keeping it on the down low, quiet, and out of the madding crowd He has several problems to overcome, not the least of which is [...]

    23. ConfusingWhenever I read a book out of order, it can be very confusing That is what I did with this novel The Bone Orchard Maybe if I had read book 1 before book 2, I would have known what was going on However I did not so I was very confused Sometimes the author will fill you in on occurrences from the previous book and if they don t get too carried away, this is most helpful This author did not do that so I was left in the darkAlso I would just like to a mention again I know these are modern t [...]

    24. This was my third book by Judson, having been introduced to him by The Temporary Agent then finishing The Poisoned Rose The second book in the Gin Palace Trilogy picks up right where the first left off, and the pace is just as fast.Judson fleshes out the characters that we met in The Poisoned Rose and introduces us to new characters, as the complex circumstances surrounding Declan MacManus intensify and grow The reader is drawn into this world and will be turning pages at a rapid pace to see how [...]

    25. Bone Orchard 02272005Daniel JudsonISBN 0553584162In Southampton, Long Island, private investigator Frank Gannon hires Declan MacManus to tail a client s son in law who might be cheating Declan wants to say no, but cannot allow his best friend Augie, still recovering from severe injuries, to go on the case alone.Augie and Declan conduct a stakeout in a lonely back road when they notice a person in the nearby woods Soon a car arrives followed by an explosion with the vehicle falling into a pond De [...]

    26. This is a good novel The characters are well developed and likable, and the plot is interesting Some revision for clarity would be welcome there were times I wasn t sure what was going on and wondered if I d somehow missed something The book is also very poorly edited frequent errors with the verbs lie lay and the pronouns who whom There were also quite few misused words sicked for sicced and duck tape instead of duct tape, for example The author clearly doesn t know the difference between your [...]

    27. Beneath the glamour of a trendy Hamptons summer town lies another world one of dark lives and desperate secrets And when Labor Day arrives and the beautiful people depart, locals like Declan MacManus are left behind to make a living out of just surviving A sometime P.I MacManus is an expert at self defense and a master of self destruction, but nothing he s seen of the dark side of fortune can prepare him for what he is about to discover On a dark, deserted road Mac witnesses a bizarre, single ca [...]

    28. This one was one of those , If you liked x, then you ll love this one types of recommendations I don t even remember what I was buying at the time but surely, it must have been better than this one This was not a horrible book, but I really didn t like it When I purchased it, this was the first published book by the author, but it reads as if it is a later book in a series in such a way that I felt as if I was missing vital information backstory I also wasn t particularly into the main character [...]

    29. The Bone OrchardThis addictive series only gets better A stand alone book I suggest you start with book 1 The characters , Mac , Augie ,Charlie are only some of the people you will encounter but they are the strongest Something happened a long time ago that bonded these men s lives and not always in a God way Men are coming up missing , some dead You can t turn to the police as they are all bought and paid by a man nobody seems to know who Mac has promised himself , no killings Auntie just want [...]

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