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  • Title: Deadline
  • Author: Stephen Maher
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: ebook
  • [PDF] Deadline | by ↠ Stephen Maher - Deadline, Deadline None

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    • [PDF] Deadline | by ↠ Stephen Maher
      221Stephen Maher

    2 thoughts on “Deadline

    1. Stephen Maher is a novelist and journalist based in Ottawa In 2012, he published his first novel, Deadline, a political thriller His second novel, Salvage, was shortlisted for an International Thriller Writers award in 2017 As an investigative journalist, he has received many awards, including a National Newspaper Award and a Michener He is a 2016 Harvard Nieman fellow Maher was born in France and raised in Nova Scotia He lives in Ottawa with his partner, Camille, their cat Sadie and his old sailboat.

    2. This political thriller is a definite page turner think House of Cards with a Canadian cast It s a must read for anyone with an interest in politics or the media, but you don t even have to be a politico to enjoy it you just have to love a good whodunit The fast paced plot features dirty cops, corrupt politicians, strip clubs, and promiscuous reporters If you re at all familiar with Ottawa, you ll love the focus on Ottawa landmarks and watering holes, and few among us can resist the allure of a [...]

    3. I give this book five points although some readers might critisize that you have to know about Canadian politics in order to enjoy it fully And you have to know what certain local terms mean and it helps if you understand some French but I loved the French parts.I did enjoy it to the fullest, I must say It was interesting to have a peek behind the curtains of political intrigues in Canada s capital Ottawa and the media crowd that is gathered there.One learns a lot about Canada through this book. [...]

    4. Yeah I was a bit disappointed with this book in some ways but it was also a fairly enjoyable read in some ways I thought the down home dialogue was written quite well, the story rolled right along at a good pace and I thought I had found Terry Fallis s The Best Laid Plans with balls providing many good chuckles and a few belly laughs when I came to the rather flat and weak ending when it all just sort of stopped with nothing changed from the way it started This is what has caused me to deduct a [...]

    5. Deadline by Stephen Maher is a Canadian political thriller, or as I call it, an oxymoron Are Canadian politics ever thrilling The book works I wasn t sure what was going on for the longest time, but I wanted to know the book is pager turner I like the structure short sections that move from character to character in, at first, a seemingly unrelated manner But soon it all starts to come together as a reporter from Newfoundland stumbles across a story that can ruin the life of a major politician h [...]

    6. Definitely an entertaining read, with enough political inside baseball to thrill the K1A lurker but enough old fashiooned salacious crime thriller to draw in the layperson Not without its flaws and I found the denouement, post mystery unravelling, to be a bit flat but it s a fun little book that s very worth the time.

    7. Not great literature, but a fun rush of a suspense filled mystery It s set in Ottawa, where I live, and so it was fun to see all manner of places cited that I could see in my mind, having been there many times The book rocketed along at a ferocious pace, very satisfactory until the end, which I found too unremittingly cynical But a great read which I wouldn t hesitate to recommend.

    8. Really entertaining read Just enough inside baseball for those of us who work and live in Ottawa but the true anchor of the story is the tightly wound mystery Maher does a superb job of layering all the elements tightly enough that it takes than one thread to pull the whole mystery free.

    9. Canadian politics There s enough happening here with political corruption to keep the pages turning and reporter Jack is determined to uncover the scandal.

    10. This is a light fluffy mystery novel set in Ottawa The mystery is interwoven with the ambitions of a set of characters whose lives centre on the Hill the staffers, Ministers, and reporters.

    11. I wouldn t exactly call Maher a novelist after reading Deadline, but it certainly is an entertaining read for those of us inside the Ottawa Bubble.

    12. Fast paced and fun Lots of intriguing details about today s journalism and Canadian politics.

    13. Highly entertaining for those of us that work in politics or journalism I ll be interested to see what civilians think

    14. Really enjoyed the book Went to school w Steve, happy to see just how talented a writer he turned out to be I hope he writes another.

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